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What is Holistic Massage?

‘Not just a massage – it’s a whole experience!’

Massage or bodywork is structured touch and is based on ‘Swedish’ massage.  Holistic Massage aims to treat the whole person – mind, body and spirit.

Body and mind affect each other – everything is connected.  With this in mind, I like to begin the treatment with Yoga based breathing exercises and with the Yoga Nidra  – another relaxation technique.  It is so much more comfortable to receive a massage treatment when the mind is calm and the muscles are relaxed.

My Holistic Massage techniques use Swedish massage, and incorporate tastes of other therapies including Reiki, crystals, meditation, Thai massage, Shiatsu, lymph drainage and acupressure.  The treatments can be accompanied by the music and scent of your choice.

Deep tissue work and soft tissue release are also combined with the part and full body treatments if appropriate for you.

The Consultation:

The massage is preceded by a consultation, a medical history, stress and pain levels noted and the client’s physical and emotional wellbeing discussed. A massage treatment is devised to suit each person’s needs then discussed and agreed  with the client.  The more information I have the better I can tailor the treatment.

The Massage:

The client undresses (in private) to their underwear and wrapped in a towel, lays (usually) face down on the couch to begin. The discreet use of towels leaves the body covered at all times except for the areas to be worked on which are the back; legs; feet; arms; hands; face; neck and scalp. Massage of the abdomen may also be included – for ladies only. The amount of pressure applied is checked at regular intervals to ensure comfort.


After the massage the client is offered a glass of still mineral water and after care advice. Exercises will be suggested to help alleviate individual problems and discomforts.
•  It is best not to eat heavy meal for 3-4 hours before a massage to avoid discomfort.
•  After a massage it is important to drinks lots of still water to help the body flush out the toxins released during the treatment. It is also important to relax.